Information for requests from foreign          countries ...



Quiet a few Toot Sweets are living in Europe and the States in gorgeous homes, many of them gained champion titles and / or are successful sires or dams.


Please notice that there is NO unguided shipping of our puppies via cargo . You have to pick up the puppy as pet in cabin if you fly in -  or by car or train , if you are living in continental Europe  . If you are unable to fly by yourself we probably could solve that problem , just feel free to contact us about that. We always found a solution until now.



We can reach 4 international airports in 2 countries in a radius of 1 to 3 hours by car from our home , we live between two international highways and have a train station nearby -  even if our home is in a very rural area. So really no problem to reach us.



We are sorry to say that due to the excessive and in our opinion not-dog-friendly quarantine rules , our puppies will not be shipped to Australia, Island  or other countries with  such regulations at the border. We hope for your understanding.


All puppies are fully vaccinated, dewormeded, pre-tested on PL, tested for PRA1  via blood test ( or clear by parentage) and have an EU-animal-passport along with the FCI-pedigree and a health certificate from our vet.


 The parents are all health tested too ( PL / PRA ) , documents can be shown on request.


A puppy is  officially  "reserved" when the deposit ( 50 percent of the total costs ) is payed. Deposit is not refundable. We are not greedy, we just want to keep away time-wasters, which we ( and the puppies who needed a new home again) had to deal with in the past unfortunatly.

It's as simple as that: It's ok to look in different kennels for a new addition - but when you decide to take that particular puppy you should stick to your word.  The deposit should help you with that  ;o) .


In the selling contract will be a passage, that the dog never should be de-barked, kept in boxes or small pens or other cruel handling  methods . Please notice that we would try to take legal action if we hear about such things.


All that is because we love our dogs and their offspring dearly and we want them to be treated like they would be treated here... as family members . 


If you like what you read  here and you want to take that effort to get a little Toot Sweet´s - Papillon ... please send us a short presentation of yourself ( which should not start with " How much is the dog ?"  please ...) . We´ll contact you immediatly after that.

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